Grass Fed Beef Ranches Became Feedlots!


If you’re looking to buy grass fed beef  reading this information right now can provide valuable information to help you make that decision. I can only assume you’re looking for better natural grass fed beef or  organic grass fed beef ,what I will call wellness meats. Let me ask you why you’re searching for wellness meats (Click Here) when beef is so readily available in every grocery store?

Is it that you are looking for better quality grass fed beef nutrition because of the history of  beef production in the US?

We lost our small local ranches raising grass fed beef or pasture raised beef to the large beef production companies. The cost to raise cattle for you to buy grass fed beef is more expensive for the farmer than the operating costs of a feedlot.

You may be asking yourself what is a feedlot? Also known as a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), a feedlot,  is defined as “a production process that concentrates large numbers of animals into relatively small and confined places, and substitutes structures and equipment (for feeding, temperature controls, and manure management)  for land and labor.”

The conditions these animals live in are really unnatural and takes a toll on their health which effects the beef that we consume.


  • 1935 – Just 5% of the beef produced came from a feedlot.
  • 1966 – 66% of the beef became grain fed cattle. 40% were finished in automated factory feedlot / packing house systems.
  • 2011 – 90% of all beef produced here (United States)  is finished in a feedlot.

The CAFO’s  purpose is to produce more salable pounds of beef prior to processing and to cut all costs by localizing all processes to a small confined area.

So how do you get the most pounds of beef per cow? Simply change their diet to an unnatural food that the cow will store as fat on its body. Also the addition of hormones stimulates weight gain through increased appetite. The choice to buy grass fed beef vs corn fed beef was simple economics for the farmer. Corn and grain are cheap feed that fattens the cattle quickly to enhance beef production. Again the expense to raise cattle in a way that produces proper conditions for us to buy grass fed beef is not profitable business.

Wellness meat or grass fed beef nutrition is not a concern for the the feedlot when it comes to the bottom line – profit for the farmer. In addition, because the conditions of the feedlots dictate smaller areas with large numbers of animals they become sick faster and must be treated with antibiotics on a regular basis.

Guess what you, the consumer, ingest with your beef dinner?  You are eating all of the toxins that have been collectively stored in the cow’s beef. These include pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other parasites or bacteria.

So the feedlots cut costs and increase profits and reduce the availability of pasture raised beef , while ultimately costing the consumer their own health.

Our health and the health of the animal is not improved buy the feedlot method, only the farmer’s bottom line by making more profit for them.

The better choice to all of this is finding where to buy grass fed beef that is not from a feedlot.

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Buy Grass Fed Beef Online-Beware Of What’s In The Beef!

Before you jump in and just buy grass fed beef  or organic grass fed beef online or anywhere else, there are some important facts you should be aware of. These topics I am about to reveal were shocking to me when I first heard them so I was inspired to get them out to as many people as I can. There are important differences in what the term wellness meats actually mean. Grass fed beef is a step in the right direction but there is more to the story!

When you order grass fed beef online or wherever you go to buy grass fed beef, be aware of what I am going to call the A1 vs A2 heritage of cattle. The traditional cattle breed was genetically mutated around 8000 years ago to create a small but very detrimental difference to consumers of the beef and dairy products. The difference is A1 beta casein vs A2 beta casein protein chains. My intention is to bring your attention to this and not try to explain every detail about it. So to summarize, the A1 beta casein protein chain has a weak link in it which breaks off in the digestion process and creates an opioid derivative called beta casomorphin 7 (BCM7)  which is an oxidant that has internal destructive forces that damage the low density lipoproteins (LDL).

This “devil in the milk” has many negative effects in your body. Every time you eat  it, they assault your digestive system and work their way into the blood stream. So the cheap grass fed beef of the a1 beta casein heritage can cause symptoms of autism, schizophrenia, diabetes and heart disease. In addition the BCM7  and A1 beta casein are closely related with autoimmune disorders. So we come down to the best grass fed beef to buy is of the A2 beta casein traditional heritage that does not have the weak protein chain. Let us ponder a thought that heart disease is the number one ranking  killer in the United States and the number 1  allergen is diary related. Does it come to you as a surprise that the majority of the cattle in the western world are A1 beta casein!

  • A2 Heritage
  • Chemical Toxin Free
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • No Pesticides
  • No Herbicides
  • Unstressed Living
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Grass fed beef nutrition is directly related to the healthy beef factor. If the cattle are fed and cared for in the best raising methods the end product will show in the grass fed meats. You only have control of who you order grass fed beef from unless you raise the cattle yourself or buy local grass fed beef you know. After the heritage is determined to be A2 for reasons stated earlier we can now examine what they are consuming and how.

Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef is still confusing people because we are being brainwashed to believe grain fed beef is so good for us. In addition, grass fed beef vs corn fed beef has been pushed at us for so long we believe that as well. The bottom line in my opinion is that this all boils down to making money and not what is really good for the consumer and their health. To agree or disagree with me is your choice of coarse. But when you come to realize how feedlots operate to produce your beef products and what the animals are fed and chemical toxins they are pumped full of prior to your  family’s meal, you may want to further research my claims regarding the safety of the meats you are consuming.. We are the human trials of this experiment!

Cattle are designed to eat grass and greens that come from natural pastures. When these animals are fed unnatural diets of grains and corn,  they react to to what they have eaten. Their digestive system usually can be affected with a number of disorders. One of these disorders is “sub acute acidosis” which is both painful to the animal and requires additional chemical additives to aid their digestion of the unnatural foods they have been forced to eat. The vicious cycle begins. We eat what they ate and the chemicals they were given. We eat the chemical toxins and antibiotics (more toxins) and stressed meats which are not wellness meats by any means. Grass fed beef benefits are really what you need and not the cheap beef prices raised for profit which are dangerously unhealthy and much more expensive in the long run to treat the medical conditions created by poor meat choices. So I ask you why are cattle fed grain and corn products with the addition of hormones?  The answer they claim is taste and tenderness but the  reality is the diet creates sick cows and sick meats,  puts toxic fat on the cows faster, and produces meat that creates illness in our bodies . More meat, cheaper meat,  more money and that is the bottom line.

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How To Buy Organic Grass Fed Beef

How do I find out how to buy grass fed beef? Your choices are getting better every day on where to buy grass fed meat. A whole foods organic grass fed beef product is a step in the right direction. I would like to inform you of the FDA standard that you may not be aware of. The labeling of grass fed beef only requires the animal to be grass fed 30% of their diet!  The other 70% can be grain, soy, and/or corn products. The grass fed beef nutrition at 30% is still better than meat from non grass fed cows.  This by no means is the best you can do.

Most of our cattle today also does not have the opportunity to graze for their food, they are trough fed instead, which creates disease in the animals requiring large doses of medications and antibiotics. These chemicals reside within the meat that you purchase. Be very selective when is comes to what you allow yourself and your family to consume. You are what they ate! There are several methods available for you to buy grass fed beef .

Two common sources are local resources and online beef purchasing. When you order grass fed beef locally at your grocer or from your local beef ranch, familiarize yourself with your supplier to make sure you are getting pasture raised beef that is organic beef. Organic beef online is available and the cost of grass fed beef can vary greatly so shop wisely and informatively. Make sure you get organic meats that are kosher grass fed to ensure a healthy beef product. The best grass fed beef nutrition I have found comes from 100% GreenFed, grass fed cows.  Do a little research on heritage breeding or read my post on the subject to understand the difference in the genetic makeup of cows being produced today. It truly affects the quality and nutritional value of the end product. Cheap grass fed beef is not always the answer. Know what you are paying for in order to assure the highest quality for your budget.

The only pasture raised beef I will purchase for my family is from a company called Beyond Organic. Their motto is change your diet, change your life, change your world. Their mission statement is, “To transform the health of this nation and world, one life at a time by creating superior quality foods and beverages while teaching the principles of healthy eating, abundant living and environmental stewardship.” Ask what your rancher’s mission statement is!

Beyond Organic was created by Jordan Rubin in order to supply the world with the very best GreenFed, organic grass fed beef nutrition available today. The Beyond Organic grass fed beef delivery comes from the farm direct to your door and is the only way to buy grass fed beef of this superior quality. All of their cattle are raised naturally, with no vaccines, no hormones, and no grains. They pasture graze and  enjoy a stress-free healthy life. This directly affects the nutritional density of the organic meat your family is consuming. There is simply no higher quality beef for sale in the market place today.

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Why Buy Grass Fed Meat?

Everyone is telling me to buy grass fed beef! I looked into it and found out more than I needed to. We have got to wake up to the fact that almost all of our beef is not pasture raised grass fed meat and far from being considered organic grass fed beef or wellness meats.

It is must cheaper for cattle farmers to keep cattle in tight quarters and feed them inexpensive grain than to have the need for acres of them to nourish the same size herd and be subject to growing conditions of natural fields. The growth rate of cattle can also be controlled and contained through these farming methods, again increasing profit margins for farmers, not increasing nutritional value to our plates.

Most of the small cattle ranches are being bought out by the huge meat production companies. The cattle are being raised in feedlots with most of their diet containing grain and not their native diet of grass. It has taken mere decades to change to the modern food production method but we are now finding out the business of meat wholesale is producing beef that is not favorable to our health.

The natural diet of cattle is fibrous grasses, plants and shrubs which they are designed to digest where we can not. We then would have absorbed all this grass fed beef nutrition, but it has been striped away from us by not allowing the cattle to eat their proper intended foods.  The beef  industry has changed the cattle’s diet  to high energy grain, gmo soy and corn based products to fatten the feedlot cattle for faster beef market production. Healthy beef has become a food of the past with these profit making changes.

The actual genetic makeup of cattle today has been altered by these feeding methods and has created a product that is nearly unrecognizable by our digestive system. The new unnatural  diet has created many health disorders in the cattle, as well, which now requires the addition of chemical additives and antibiotics for aid in digestion and to stave of illness and infection.  These chemicals transfer directly into the meat that we consume, thereby allowing these additives into our digestive systems.

Corn fed beef is not the beef to buy! As these animals are constantly medicated and raised in feedlots, unhealthy bacteria become stronger and out of control. You should buy grass fed beef because the bottom line is we eat beef company meat that has been forever changed and tainted with chemical toxins our bodies can not process. We become sick because of what our food has been fed.

Raising grass fed beef will increase beef prices but will forever be our best source of organic beef. The cost of grass fed beef nutrition far outweighs the future sickness you will avoid by not eating today’s production beef products. When you buy grass fed beef, be sure it is 100% grass fed, pasture raised beef that has not been given antibiotics, vaccines, hormones, steroids, and medications that would otherwise leach into the meat of that animal and thus into your digestive system. The highest quality beef products in the world today are 100% GreenFed beef from heritage cows that are never vaccinated, never chemically medicated, and fed by pasture grazing – never grain fed. Invest in quality grass fed beef today and enjoy the health benefits for a lifetime.